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With funding from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the MCH Library provides access to critical resources for leaders and the workforce in state Title V agencies, communities, health professionals, educators, researchers, policymakers, and families in order to facilitate changing policies and activities.

For Professionals

For Professionals

Resources for program and service planning, implementation, and evaluation. GO >

For Families

For Families

Information about pregnancy, babies, kids, and teens to help keep your family healthy and safe. GO >

For Students

For Professional Education

Materials for students in formal educational settings and professional development opportunities. GO >

For Schools

For Schools (K-12)

Topics include nutrition, physical activity, social development, violence prevention, and sexuality. GO >

New Library Resources: August 2014

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MCH Alert

August 29, 2014

  • A Snapshot of Current Title V Workforce Needs
  • Best Practices Guide for Implementation of Newborn Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding in Electronic Health Records
  • Playbook for the Successful Elimination of Early Elective Deliveries
  • National and State Patterns of Teen Births in the United States, 1940-2013
  • Also new (topics include Barriers, Behavior problems, Breastfeeding, Costs, Disabilities, Eating disorders, Ethnic groups, Health behavior, Health care reform, Home visiting, Oral health, Pregnancy complications, Registries, School health services, Screening, Sexual health, Sleep position, Sports injuries, Suicide, and Vaccines)

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