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The MCH Library is happy to share in the 75th Anniversary of Title V of the Social Security Act by providing access to unique historical documents, new and emerging MCH literature, and podcasts featuring some past and current leaders in the field.

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MCHB 75th Anniversary Celebration Activities

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The MCH History Gateway includes:

Other 75th Anniversary Celebrations

Activities related to the 75th Anniversary of Title V are occurring throughout 2010. Here are some of interest:

Dedication of Dr. Vince Hutchins collection at the Johns Hopkins University (audio files; requires the latest version of RealPlayer to access):

  • Introduction (Robert Blum, Professor and William H. Gates Sr. Chair, Department of Population, Family & Reproductive Health). Dr. Blum talks about Dr. Hutchins' connection to Johns Hopkins and his personal connection with Vince. Listen
  • Robert Blum introduces Lisbeth Schorr, Lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard University, and a Senior Fellow of the Center for the Study of Social Policy. Listen
  • Lisbeth Schorr speaks of Dr. Hutchins as the "quintessential public servant." Listen
  • Lisbeth Schorr talks about the Panel for the Promotion of Children's Health. Listen
  • Lisbeth Schorr recognizes the legacy of Vince's children. Listen

A Celebration of National Commitment to Women, Children and Families — Title V at 75 and Tribute to Dr. Vince Hutchins. Luncheon and Seminar Program, October 22, 2010.